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Pine Tree Letters

November 2015

 A Wedding Homily for Anastasia and Michael* Long ago a Jewish rabbi named Jesus once said “Those whom God hath joined together, let no man put asunder.” And so we have been concluding wedding ceremonies with these words, as we will this one, for centuries.  What does it mean?  That we should never divorce?  Maybe, maybe not.  The operant words here are: “Those whom God hath joined”.  When two people wed, is God joining them or is it some other energy? We have heard some spiritual writings that give us some important clues.  The first is the Song of Songs, also called the S

Pine Tree Letter 10-14-2014

Pine Tree Letter October 2014

The old pine tree is dark green against an amazing blue sky.  Cool breeze blows in off the lake.  The maple has turned and the birch is beginning its turn toward winter.  There’s a sadness there somewhere, summer gone, the possibility of another polar freeze coming; but I don’t feel the sadness.  I feel an excitement here in Hill City and the promise of things to come; people returning, welcoming, greeting each other, the Spirit moving us toward new beginnings.   


The new year is upon us.  The earth’s is once again tilting toward the sun.  There is cold yet to come.  It brings to mind a poem I wrote a short time ago: Questions from Bird’s in Mourning.


If one morning the birds, In mounning,

Refused to sing,

Would the earth not take its turn?

Would the sun unbidden stay hidden?


If the birds would not sing,

Pine Tree Letter 12-14-14


Pine Tree Letter

Lying about Christmas


Pine Tree Letter 11-14-2014

Thanks to all of you who filled out the all-church surveys and sent them in.  On September 14, fourteen of us looked at your responses, prayed together, and talked together about what we wanted the Hill City United Methodist Church to be and to do.  The result of that conversation is the mission/vision statement printed below.  I am excited about it.  I am excited about being part of a church community that is working to fulfill this vision and is guided by this mission statement.  We will begin every worship service with the mission statement and the vision will direct th



            I am finding HillCity and the HillCityUnitedMethodistChurch to be very friendly.  I have had conversations with civic and business leaders, members of the church active and inactive, pastors of the other churches, members of other churches, people who don’t go to church, people of all ages, teachers and administration at the school, residents at Chapps nursing home and have yet to find anyone unfriendly or rude.