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April 2017

 Easter is upon us.  It is an ancient ritual predating Christianity, like most of the Christian holidays.  We humans have been celebrating the promise of the sun’s warmth returning in the dark of winter solstice, it’s return at the spring equinox, and the harvest it brings at the fall equinox for time immemorial.   The earth turns around the life giving warmth of the sun with faithful regularity giving us reason to believe.Our Hebrew spiritual ancestors have shed a new light on this ancient faith in the spinning circle of time.  Beginning with Abram they heard the voice of the Creator coming not only from the stories of the past, but also from the future calling them to prosperity and longevity in a Promised Land if they if they treated Yahweh, creation and their fellow creatures with respect.   It was no longer an endless cycle of birth and death, ecstasy and capricious violence, but a spiral moving toward a return to Eden, the Beloved Community, created in partnership with a loving and faithful God.  The problem is that the creative process we are being invited to share in has a natural element of violence.  When the tectonic plates refuse to move smoothly, the eventual shift is cataclysmic.  When we refuse to move to the next stage, whether it be from infancy to adulthood or tribalism to human brother/sisterhood or from flat lander to a global view, the inevitable changes involve violence.  We humans have interpreted the violence either as the wrath of God or as the essential nature of existence.  What we celebrate at Easter is God’s promise to us in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus that love is the essential nature of existence.  It triumphs over violence.   We are constantly being called as was Abram to move toward the Promised Land where the Lion lies down with the lamb, the thirsty receive drink, the hungry are fed, the widow and the orphan cared for, the sick are healed, the prisoner released, and good news comes to the poor.   It is coming as surely as the warmth of spring.  He is Risen!  He is Risen indeed!