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December 2016

    It is a few days to Thanksgiving and I’m thinking about all the things I’m thankful for in the Hill City United Methodist Church.  We have strong leadership. People who not only do the jobs that need doing, but people who care for one another and help in times of need with prayers and kind labor.  We have seven children coming to Sunday school and adults who enjoy sharing with them the Good News of Jesus.  Four of these youth are in the confirmation class and one of them, maybe two, are seriously considering ministry in the church.  I see in the lives of the young the importance of the spiritual lessons their parents and grandparents have taught them both in word and in deed.  The members of our congregation seem to take seriously our mission statement: By God’s grace we are a loving community open to all serving others both near and far.   I’m grateful for the mission trip to the Dominican Republic the church sent me on and our ongoing commitment to mission both at home and abroad.  This includes our support of the Thrift Shop.  I’ve been meeting people from the community, old and young, who come regularly to the shop for needed items or frills to spruce up their homes, and some just come to talk.     I’m thankful for the Thursday morning Bible class and the depth of the interest and spiritual life of those who come.  I also have happy memories of the men’s fishing trip to Red Lake and the amazing time we had at the end of the day cleaning the fish around a large table in a State Park fish cleaning house.  I’m looking forward to ice fishing with the men and maybe some of the older youth this winter.     We are a small and powerful group of people guided by the Spirit of a loving God making an important difference in the lives of our constituents and the community.  Thank you for the honor of being your pastor.  I wish you all a joyful holiday season, safe travels, and warm times with family and friends.