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Novmember 2016

“All journeys are  secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”  This is a quote from the Jewish theologian, Martin Buber.  I’m thinking of it today as we look forward to the coming month of November.  There will be a funeral, preparation for a children’s Christmas program, work at the Thrift Shop, plans to change our music format, and Thanksgiving.  The funeral will be for Carol and Bill Sobey.  Bill died on October 15th and Carol on June 27th. The funeral will be Saturday, November 12.  I talked with Meredith, their youngest daughter, this past Tuesday about her parents and the funeral plans.  It turns out that she and her husband are neighbors here in Crosslake, but are making plans to move to Jacobson in a home they will be building.  The Hill City church was an important part of Bill and Carol’s life and they played important roles in the church and the community.  I’ve heard many stories about Bill’s career as sheriff and Carol’s work in the United Methodist Women, other community organizations, and creating a welcoming and loving home.These are tales of a time when our church was fuller and more active, but now there are signs of new growth.  The Stimson family joined our church family this past Sunday, Starr, the oldest child is starting the new confirmation class with Jonnya and Quintera Nelson, and their cousin, Zachary Hamilton.  They are planning to lead a youth service some Sunday morning, an ice fishing outing, and a trip to the Twin Cities.  They will be a central part of the Christmas pageant and hay ride planned for December 11th.Another good sign is our support of the Thrift Shop that provides low cost cloths and home furnishing and uses the profits to support the school and other charities in the community.  We are the fiscal agent for the shop and provide volunteers.  I’ve been working the shop on Saturday mornings and have met some interesting people, like the mother recently moved here with several children some of whom need baptizing and she’s looking for a church home.Another exciting prospect is our looking into using recorded music with visuals and words displayed on TV screens in the front of the sanctuary and a monitor down stairs for funerals and other large gatherings.  Along with that we are seriously exploring how we can improve the kitchen and make the building more handicap accessible.  There is a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!